THE HIGHLIGTS OF 2003-2004                                        [Back to Latest News]

Donatello v.hSlaghek Runner BIS at Quezon City All Breed
Show, Philippines. Judge Mr. Robert Dawson.
Looks likes, Donatello will follow fatherís footsteps CH Bagheera v.h.
27 NOVEMBER 2004
Bohemian v.h Slaghek was BOS & Winnster at the Winner Amsterdam, she also became Dutch Champion that day. Donella v.h Slaghek won junior and became the title Junior Winner, like Bohemian her mother last year. Judge Mrs. E. van Honschoten-Koning
CH Jacquella our French Bulldog got the Res.CAC & CACIB that day at the Winner. Judge Mr. Bas Bosch.
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21 NOVEMBER 2004
Great win for Donatello v.h. Slaghek. Only 8 month old and Best in Show at the PCCI All breed Dog Show Quezon City, Philippines. At this show only, Donatello got 15 points to gain the Philippine Champion title.
Judge Ms. Ester Benson (Aus). Donatello v.h. Slaghek is only the second bulldog in the Philippine canine club history to have won a Best In Show.
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14 NOVEMBER 2004
Bohemian v.h. Slaghek got BOS at the German Bulldog Club Show and Donella v.h.Slaghek, her daughter won Junior just out of Puppy. Judge Mr. Bob Haydock GB
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24 OCTOBER 2004
Dolores v.h. Slaghek got Best Puppy in Show at the Dutch Bulldog Club Show. Judge Mrs. Drs. L.K.M. Erhart (NL)
14-15 OCTOBER 2004
Bohemian v.h. Slaghek got the CAC CACIB with BOB and was short listed in the Group at the Bundessieger Dortmund, Germany.
Judge Christopher Habig.
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Bohemian v.h. Slaghek was BOS and Donella v.h. Slaghek got Best Puppy Bitch at the Belgium Bulldog Championship Club show.
Judge Mrs. J. Daws (Outdoors).
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29 AUGUST 2004
Union Jack DeVetus Vinea only 12 month got BOS & CAC and our Donella v.h. Slaghek got Best Puppy Bitch, first show for both females at the All breed Championship Show Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Judge Mr. V.A. van Raamsdonk.
Breeder / Owner Stefania Pagani, handled by Marieke van Os.
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31 MAY 2004
Slaghek Night and Day gained the title Dutch Champion. Indy got the CAC & CACIB at Arnhem.
Judge Mrs. Hogg from South Africa.
7 MAY 2004
Bohemian v.h. Slaghek became VDH-Europasiegerin and got the CACIB at the Dortmund Dog Show.
Judge Moreno Maltagliati.
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28 MARCH 2004
Indy, CH Slaghek Night and Day with his handler Mr. Grega Nemanic and owner Zoltan Casar after a long success full day at the Ljubljana show, at this two day CACIB show Indy won the CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG, BOD, and Res. Best in Show !!
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12 MARCH 2004
Bohemian v.h. Slaghek got CAC, CACIB & BOS at the all breed Championship Show in Leeuwaarden in Holland.
Judge Robert Searle.
Bohemian v.h. Slaghek got Junior Winner and Res. Best Female at the Winner All breed show, Amsterdam.
Our Britannia v.h. Slaghek was 2nd in the same class.
Judge Mr. Peter van Montfort.
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