THE HIGHLIGTS OF 2005                                                   [Back to Latest News]

 Fantastic year for Donatello v.h. Slaghek in the Philippines. Click to enlarge
 Top Winning Bulldog in The Netherlands. Donella v.h. Slaghek JW04
 is still the Top Winning Bullog in the Nederlands for 2005 with 1 BOS
 and 3 BOBīs at all breed Championship shows.
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 27 NOVEMBER 2005
 Ukeesson Best of Breed at Marseille Dog show.
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 06 NOVEMBER 2005
 Jaquella Veridique won the Res. CACIB at Bleiswijk all breed show
 under judge Dhr. Boelaars.
 16 OCTOBER 2005
 Bundessieger Zuchtshau Dortmund.
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 I like to thank Mariano and Margie for my lovely time in the
 Philippines, it was great!
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 01 OCTOBER 2005
 What a lovely day at Charleroi!
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 18 SEPTEMBER 2005
 At the Maastricht Dog show in Holland CH Buck and Sons Untouchable
 won the Res.CAC and CACIB under judge Mrs. Drs. L. Erhard.
 27 AUGUST 2005
 Brittania v.h. Slaghek  BOB at the Rotterdam show.
Brittania BOB at Rotterdam show.
 02 JULY 2005
 Donella v.h. Slaghek again BOB at Echt all breed show.
Echt all breed show.
 19 JUNE 2005
Best of Breed at the most prestigious Dog Show in the Netherlands.
 127 dogs enterd.
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 10 APRIL 2005
 Donella v.h. Slaghek was BOS at the all breed Dog Show in Goes (NL)
 She won the CAC under breed specialist Mrs.M. Koster-Mstrom,
 Romakome Bulldogs.
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 28 MARCH 2005
 CHAMPION Jaquella Veridique got CAC & CACIB at the International
 Dog Show in Leeuwaarden (NL). Judge Mr. R Doedijns.
 26 MARCH 2005
 CHAMPION Jaquella Veridique got CAC, CACIB & BOB and Luxem-
 bourg Champion at the International Dog Show in Luxembourg.
 62 frenchies entered, judge was Mr. Javier Sanchez-Fernandez. (S)
 20 MARCH 2005
 Donalla v.h. Slaghek got BEST IN SHOW at special EBCN-Club show
 for young dogs, 95 entries.
 Judges, Mrs. Nadjia Timmermanns-Kadenko (NL) and Mr. Bob Wain,
 Bondabull (GB).
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 19 MARCH 2005
CHAMPION Jaquella Veridique, our French bulldog, got Res-CAC.
 Jaquella Terrible got Best Male at the CAC all breed show in Wieze
 (B). Judge Mrs. Ilona Onstenk-Schenk.
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 13 MARCH 2005
 Again Donatello v.h Slaghek made history in the Philippines.
 He won another BEST IN SHOW at the All Breed Championship show
 held at Marikina River Bank. Judge Ms. Gladys Cowie (Aus). This
 time Donatello gained the Philippine Grand Champion title.
 6 MARCH 2005
 Donella v.h. Slaghek only 13 month old got the CAC, BOB and fifth
 in Group 2 at Zuidlaren Holland. Judges Mrs. A. Wijnsouw & Mr. E.
 Our French Bulldog CH Jacquella Veridique got the Res.CAC & CACIB
 Judge Mrs. L. de Ridder-Onghena (B)
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 19 FEBRUARY 2005
Bohemian v.h Slaghek got the CAC & CACIB at the All breed Show
 in Hoogstraten, Belgium. Judge Alcrudo Rafael from Spain.
 CH Jacquella Veridique our French Bulldog got the Res. CAC & Res.
 CACIB. Judge Mrs. Zake Ligita (LV)
 30 JANUARY 2005
Again great success with Union Jack De Vetus Vinea who we handle
 for breeder/owners Stefania Pagani and Moreno Maltagliati at the All
 breed championship show in Milan. She won the open bitch class and
 got the CAC that day under breed specialist Peter v. Montfort.