What a wonderful year it has been for Donatello v.h. Slaghek in the Philippines.

Donatella v.h. Slaghek
Officially Donatello v.h. Slaghek is now the NO 1 Bulldog and NO3 Top Dog all breeds.

Donatella v.h. Slaghek
Judges critic in the Dog press about Donatello winning Best In Show at Marikina City;
I had placed the Bulldog forst in the Best In Show lineup. A superb typey exhibit with
ideal head and splendid deep clear ropey wrinkle. this young dog shown to perfection
and in excellent condition, showing no labour in the heat. I was delighted to award this
impressive Bulldog Best In Show.

Donatella v.h. Slaghek
here with his owners Mariano and Margie after on of his many victories.

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