Slaghek Bulldogs
NEWS 2009

Dogachtigen 6 december 2009

Judge Mrs. Y.A. Franklin (GB)


Hannah van het  Slaghek

1st  Excellent intermediate class


Under judge Mrs. M Peacock (GB) Dutch Ch. Edison v.h. Slaghek won 1st Excellent in open dog

owners: Marcel en Jolanda van Driel



Amsterdam Winner show  28 november 2009

Judge Ove Germundsson (SE)

Ned. Kamp.Edison v.h. Slaghek

1st Excellent open class dogs

owners Marcel en Yolanda van Driel



Eurodogshow 14 november 2009

Judge Mrs Sue Carside (Iceglint)

Hannah van het Slaghek



1st Excellent Intermediate class and BOS with CAC & CACIB


Nieuw Vennep  november 7th 2009
Lovely litter of bulldog puppy's sired by our Ch. Domino v.h. Slaghek
for inquireies please contact
Lissete de Braak of


October 25 2009 EBCN Championship breed show
Judges Mrs. Anette Wijnsouw & Mrs. Ellis van Hoonschoten-Koning (NL)

Unique performance for a 9 years old Bulldog !!!

“Nearly nine years old”, Hendrika Gertruda v. Maasjesfles became BEST IN SHOW & CLUBWINNER 2009 at the Championship Club show EBCN, from 125 entries.

Never before, a Bulldog from veteran class won a Championship Breed Club show!

It’s very special when a female from veteran class wins BIS, however what we appreciate the most is that the foundation of our breeding has been rewarded so greatly in this way.

After all the foundation of a good breeding is the sound connection between type, beauty and health in a very well done presentation.

Furthermore with this success, “Greetje” has proven that Bulldogs at an advanced age can have fulfilling life and can still make it very difficult for their younger opponents.

Something we very much in believe is the bright future of this historical breed.

It has to be a future where breeders and lovers of the Bulldog take responsibility and take the standard seriously. Rather a good selection in your breeding program than alterations in the standard.

It would be great to strive for healthy typical Bulldogs without exaggeration. Bulldogs that combine strength, power and good temperament in every way!

Truly beautiful type and health are going together!!

We love to accept this challenge and this achievement of “Greetje” proves that we can!!

# # # #
He finally did it !!
Edison v.h. Slaghek
Dutch Champion & BOS the championship breed show EBCN
Owners Marcel & Jolanda van Driel
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Last but not least
Dutch & Int. Champion Domino v.h. Slaghek
Best male from champions class 


Maastricht 26 september 2009
Judge Mr. G. Godfrey UK (Kingrock Bulldogs)
1 Excellent Intermediate class res.CACIB


25 August 2009
Isabella v.h. Slaghek born
out of Ch. Donella v.h. Slaghek and Shiloh's Polar Bear v. Zanybulls


Echt 4 July 2009

Judge Hans v.d. Berg

Grazia van het Slaghek

1 Excellent Openclass


23 June 2009

On the 23rd of June we have mated Dutch Ch. Donella v.h. Slaghek by

Shiloh’s Polar Bear v. Zanybulls

Anita and Stephan thank you for your hospitalitly..

For more information see pups


26 april Roiffé

French Bulldog Clubshow

Judges Margaret Wildman, Frank Wildman, Ann Wildman en Jacques Mulin

Entered 265 Engelse Bulldogs !!

 Fandango v.h. Slaghek

Owner. Jerome Hendry and Thomas Padovan


1 Excellent Openclass CACS and reserve Champion with the males !! 

Multi Ch. Domino v.h. Slaghek

Best Champion of the Day 


Hilary v.h. Slaghek

Owner. Wilma van Rosmalen

4 Excellent in juniorclass with 42 entries!!


Himalya v.h. Peerkesbos

Son of  Multi Ch. Domino v.h. Slaghek

Another big succes for Himalya; Best Junior dog of the Day


Leiden 15 March 2009

Judge Mrs. I.Y. Onstenk-Schenk (NL)

 What a  perfect day! Father and son at the top ... 

Int. Ch. Domino v.h. Slaghek now also Dutch Champion !!

With a magnificent report;

Magificent male. Superb head in all parts.

Nice peershape body.

Heavy bone. Superb front.

Excellent typical movement

Topper !!!

1 Excellent CAC - CACIB - BOB 

3FCI group 2

Judge Mr. E. Wieldraaijer (NL) 


And his son Himalaya van het Peerkesbos

 1e Excellent Juniorclass CAC & Reserve Champion!!


Hillary v.h. Slaghek

Owner. Wilma van Rosmalen

2 Excellent Juniorclass


Asperen 2 January 2009

Bulldogof the Year show EBCN 2008

Judges Mrs A. Gunson (GB), Mrs. M. Vincent (GB) and Mr. M. Presland

 Ch. Domino v.h. Slaghek has been placed 2nd by all judges !!


Juniordogday EBCN

Hannah v.h. Slaghek first show and became 1st in her class !!

Hannah at the Line-up