Slaghek Bulldogs

Crufts 2012

The world’s Largest Dog Show !! 

Fransien v.d. Venneperbulls JW’11 W’11 NLJK

2nd  limit Bitch (20 entries)

Judge T. Nethercott


Lovely result for Fransien v.d. Venneperbulls,

Sire Hendrik v.h. Slaghek

I was delighted to handle this stunning female for my friends Lisette & Nico (Venneperbulls Holland) Thanks for a lovely experience at this grand show...


Gent February 26, 2012
Flanders Dog Show
Judge Breed specialist Margaret Wildman (UK)

Íslands-Berg Meistari Muggur

Best Youth in Breed for his dauhter
"Just one year young"
Kate v.h. Slaghek


Amsterdam, november 26, 2011

Judge Mr. D Paunovic (rs)


What a great achievement, just at 14 month of age
Francien v.d. Venneperbulls
3 shows, 3 tickets and Junior Champion but also Junior Winner and Winster 2011

 handler co-owner Marieke and proud owner Lisette


Bleiswijk, 5 November 2011

All breed championship show

Fantastic success for Francien v.d Venneperbulls.

To win Best of Breed on her second show.


Francien with Marieke and Judge Mr. Dawson


’s-Hertogenbosch 23 october 2011, Dogachtigen show

Judges Mrs. M. Persson and Mr. J.Sanchez


Muggur’s daughter Eden v.h. Bullenparadijs wins Best puppy Bitch, congratulations to her owners Corina & Johan.



On her first show Francien v.d. Venneperbulls wins Res. CAC, 62 females entered. Congratulations to Lisette en Nico.



Also her dad Hendrik v.h. Slaghek got a 3rd in open dog.

3rd in Puppy dog for the lovely Karim v.h. Slaghek, owners Rose & Bart well done for your second show.

Best Veteran en 5th of all Dogachtigen Breeds in Show, Cinderella v.h. Slaghek, Special thanks and congratulations to her owner Gerda



Leeuwarden, September 4, 2011
European Dog Show
Judge Bas Bosch

Hendrik v.h. Slaghek

Islands- Berg Meistari Muggur


Oranjewoud September 3, 2011

Kate at her first show in the Baby Class...


Paris, July 10, 2011

Hendrik v.h. Slaghek stayed long in de race with an excellent


After a trilling competition our Muggur, Íslands-Berg Meistari Muggur won 2nd the open class with 32 entries!!

Corina thanks for your professional handling.


HENDRIK and MUGGER together in the open class

MUGGAR for reserve champion


Echt, July 3, 2011
Limburgia Dog Show

Judge Mr. V.A. van Raamsdonk

Íslands-Berg Meistari Muggur won third place in open class
with a nice report from the judge

Over 2 yrs. old brindle male. Good type fine ears good skull, nice dark eyes, good muzzle.
may have more chin, good stop good nose placement.
Good front good bone. Good neck, good ribs.
Like more roach. Adequate angulated hindquarters enough tail.
Displays in the front and rear smooth and good movement.
Excellent coat and beautiful color.


9 May, 2011

VDH-EuropaSieger Show 2011

Judge Mr. Ferdi Dickmann (D)

Our Hendrik v.h. Slaghek finished second in open class
with a wonderful report of Judge Ferdi Dickmann (D)

Sehr schöne ausgwo. gesamterscheinung, sehr gut plaz. Ohren, welche ebenso getragen werden, perfekte augen.
Nase mit sehr gute Öffnungen, korrekt Hals, obere und untere linie wie im standard beschrieben, Rute fühlbar.
Sehr kräftige gut gewinkelte läufe. Zeigt sich sehr gut.


April 10, 1011
HBC Championship show 2011

Judge Mrs. Helen Denis (Fr)

A nice result for Slaghek French Bulldogs
Our Íslands-Berg Meistari Muggur became 2nd in open and Horatsio v.h. Slaghek was 3rd in that same class.

Our home bred Hendrik v.h. Slaghek became 1st in Breeders class


March 11, 2011

Lovely pups born from our Hendrik,  Jella von Isern Hinnerk X Hendrik v.h. Slaghek.
3 males & 2 females by Helmut & Doris Dücker-Höing.

For more information see there site


February 1, 2011

Lovely puppy's born from our Muggur, Íslands-Berg Meistrari Muggur X
Sammy's Issey v.h. Bullenparadijs.
3 females and 2 males
By Corina and Johan de Jong

for more information please see there site